Vertelknuffel SAMbuddy

Vertelknuffel SAMbuddy

Vertelknuffel SAMbuddy met Computable Award

Be heard, even when no one is listening...

"Now I dare to tell you!" Sam said to me. The Storytelling Cuddly Toy strengthened Sam's self-confidence, after which communication between us improved.

-- Ben, special education teacher --
"Now I dare to tell you!" Sam said to me. The Storytelling Cuddly Toy strengthened Sam's self-confidence, after which communication between us improved.

-- Ben, special education teacher --

Cuddly Toy SAMbuddy

is a soft cuddly toy that can record stories and that you can listen back to via the (offline) app. SAMbuddy:

  • is patient and predictable
  • listens without judgment or intent
  • gives autonomy and self-confidence

In the Netherlands 1 in 10 children is bullied, 34,000 children receive special education and there are 62,000 children with an intellectual disability.

animation: Danielle Schoonheym / Kas Groothoff / Xavier Leiwakabessy, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

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Increasing child well-being by improving communication between children and adults is our main motivation for realizing the Storytelling Cuddly Toy.

Do you share this motivation and are you looking for a valuable investment?


Or contribute selflessly the development of the Storytelling Cuddly Toy and help us with the last step:

We are raising € 44.000 for an upgrade of the app and a national pilot with 200 Storytelling Cuddly Toys in 2025. Then healthcare and education professionals can really use it and children will be heard and understood better!


January 425
February 475
March 1,075
April 1,265
May 1,575
June 2,325
July 2,600
Donated in total = € 2600


We are a socially and circularly driven organization with a team of committed and experienced people. We act in consultation with healthcare and education professionals (our expertise team), the wonderful people of sewing studio UnIk and all our 900+ fans, who follow and support us closely!

Raoul is general manager and has been developing the Storytelling Cuddle together with Lex from the very beginning (2020). This is based on years of experience in education and vision on child welfare. Vincent and Roel joined the team in 2023 and are responsible for logistics, planning, standardization and certification.

Raoul Postel

Raoul Postel

— team —


Lex Hupe

Lex Hupe

— team —


Vincent Kersten

Vincent Kersten

— team —
Roel van der Zanden

Roel van der Zanden

— business advisor —



Overzicht van de belangrijkste partners van Vertelknuffel SamBuddy


Bullying behavior is not always easy to observe. The storytelling cuddly toy can help with this, because the bullied child can talk about it at a time of his or her own choosing. For this application we recommend a private place, such as a quiet room, where the child can talk about what is going on without others seeing this.

  Sensitive subjects

The Storytelling Cuddly Toy can play a neutral role on topics such as gender identity, sexual preference, religion, discrimination, refugees. By recording questions and having them asked by the cuddly toy, children often feel safer and less shy about giving an answer.

  Parent-child relationship

As a parent, it is not easy to understand what is going on in the child's head. The Storytelling Cuddly Toy can be the bridge between the child's experience and the support of the parent. When used at home, we recommend proper supervision of the cuddly toy by the parent(s). If a child records something and holds down the record button, he/she knows very well that someone is listening. It really wants to be heard.

  Speech and Language Education

The Storytelling Cuddly Toy can be used as a tool to practice language skills. Language exercises can be recorded and performed by the child.

  Long-term illness

Long-term ill children often receive a lot of functional attention or about the treatment process. But how people feel about this now often remains underexposed. This is also often the case in adult care. The Storytelling Cuddly Toy offers comfort and a buddy during the process. Nursing staff and/or doctors can regularly record new information and questions, so that the child remains informed, but can also tell a story about the situation and thoughts.


Being forced to flee your country and find shelter in an unknown country after an extremely difficult journey causes trauma. The Storytelling Cuddly Toy is independent of language, so children can talk to the cuddly toy in their own way.


When you have fears, the Storytelling Cuddly Toy is a safe listening ear. Recording or singing a story or song in your own familiar voice can reduce anxiety and provide distraction.


In addition to use between the adult and the child, you can also choose to give the Storytelling Cuddly Toy to the child completely with WiFi code. This can then be used as a diary, for example.

  Child in isolation

When a child is forced to be in isolation, the Storytelling Cuddly Toy can provide comfort and an outlet for thoughts.

Nieuw prototype ontwerp Siem de Zon

4 Leerlingen van het Melanchton College in Berschenhoek hebben een nieuwe vorm knuffel ontwikkeld: Siem de Zon. Het is nog een prototype, maar er is zeker interesse om de vorm van een zon op te nemen in de collectie....

Artikel: De Vertelknuffel als geduldige vriend

— Klik-magazine / Mariët Ebbinge —

'Klik-magazine', het kenniscentrum verstandelijk gehandicaptenzorg interviewde ons en schreef een integer verhaal over de essentie van de Vertelknuffel.

Yes!Delft Pitch: Een rustig kind...

“Uniek buitenbeentje met een betekenisvolle missie en veelzijdige oplossing” was wat diverse partijen Lex en mij teruggaven, na een geslaagde pitch met 8 andere, super gedreven, sociale startups bij Yes!Delft. Bekijk hier onze pitch:

Vertelknuffel goes International!

De Vertelknuffel is even op reis naar De World Expo in Dubai!

Samen met Nick van Breda vraagt Sambuddy daar aandacht voor het kind dat gehoord wil worden. In gesprek met diverse internationale organisaties merken we ook daar veel interesse in onze Vertelknuffel, die overigens alle talen spreekt.

Lezing in VR op Event van Stichting ICTU

Nick van Breda en Raoul Postel hebben op het Inspiratiefestival van Stichting ICTU, de ict-organisatie van de overheid, een mooie lezing gegeven over de de ontwikkeling van de Vertelknuffel Sambuddy. Deze werd als livestream uitgezonden naar de bezoekers, maar men kon deze lezing ook in Virtual Reality bijwonen. Veel dank aan ICTU voor deze prachtige gelegenheid!

WINNAAR Computable Awards!

Team Vertelknuffel Sambuddy is in 2021 uitgeroepen tot winnaar van de Computable Awards in de categorie onderwijs!

Vertelknuffel interview op Radio 1

Nick van Breda (SamBuddy) is door NPO Radio 1 uitgenodigd om te vertellen over de Vertelknuffel....

Een thuis voor laatste prototypes!

Vandaag een Vertelknuffel mogen overhandigen op de basisschool Oscar Romero (RVKO) in Rotterdam Crooswijk. En... de laatste van 10 prototype-knuffels, is bezorgd bij het HU-LAB van de Hogeschool Utrecht....

Pitch bij High Tech NL 'Dragons meet robots, IoT en AI'

Eind januari 2021 hebben we Vertelknuffel SamBuddy gepitched bij Dragons meet Robots, IoT en AI in Eindhoven....

Research Social Robotics

De Vertelknuffel wordt inmiddels ook als effectief onderzoeks-product gebruikt door de onderzoeksgroep Social Robotics van de Hogeschool Utrecht....

Twee knuffels overgedragen aan Zorgorganisatie Schakelring/MijZo, Waalwijk

Vandaag 2 prototype Vertelknuffels overgedragen aan Zorgorganisatie Schakelring/MijZo. Wij zijn heel blij dat zij gaan testen of ook ouderen blij worden van deze knuffel...

Eerste Knuffel overgedragen aan Basischool Anne de Vries, Epe

Vandaag is de eerste Vertelknuffel overgedragen aan Basisschool Anne de Vries in Epe in de persoon van initiatiefneemster Joanne Coes.

10 Pilot-Partners

Om dit prototype te vertalen naar een prachtig product, werken we samen met een tiental Pilot-partners die allemaal een prototype hebben aangeschaft....

Startup & Running met de Knuffelfabriek!

Proud to present de VertelKnuffel SamBuddy voor Onderwijs & Zorg! Naast het doel om kinderen makkelijk hun verhaal te laten doen tijdens emotionele momenten, gaat de productie van de knuffel ook werkgelegenheid verschaffen aan mensen met een verstandelijke beperking bij de Knuffelfabriek!